Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Members receive the additional benefits of an extensive range of services and opportunities to assist you with your business skills, knowledge of the industry, promotion of your books through local and international book fairs and so much more.

Membership Benefits

Required Information/Documents

  • Evidence on Applicant’s Legal Status: provide a proof that the applicant is:
    1. Recognized officially in their country as a provider of Accreditation Services, and/or;
    2. Recognized officially by the regional economies it represents as a provider of Accreditation Services, or;
    3. It is licensed in its country as provider of accreditation services or obtained and maintained full membership from ILAC/IAF.
  • Background statement about the applicant.
  • Organizational Structure​
  • List of CABs accredited by applicant in halal field for each scope of work, if any.
  • List of staff with their relevant qualifications, experience, trainings and responsibilities assigned in halal field, if any.
  • List of other locations of the accreditation body, if applicable.

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